Winter arrives in NYC and the braap braap of Fall is quickly silenced. A few dedicated souls continue riding through the cold, but even then their engines are quickly silenced by the snow. It doesn't however mean we stopped Moto Fellating around though! This winter was a blast.

In January, we took the need for speed indoors to Pole Position Raceway in New Jersey. For the first time many of us realized a new passion for the track, which we look forward to exploring this Spring.

Some Fellas found a new appreciation for lighter sports like shuffleboard, perhaps in pursuit of quicker and more accurate reflexes for Spring riding. Enter the Shuffle Brahs. They live on coffee drinks and tecate and move weights like Jay-Z. 

Of course winter is also always a great time for building. Jason Hodrinsky figured out at some point how to take his Triumph Thunderbird Sport up to 130+ hp by scavenging engine parts from Daytonas, and Super 3's. While we trust Jason's mechanical knowledge infinitely, we also all have our fingers crossed for him after he was a bit plagued by issues last season. You can read more about this crazy adventure over on Triumph Rat.

TBS Engine

This then inspired me (Bryan Grimes) to do the same. With most engine builders out of business for the Triumph Modern Classic, I found the suppliers necessary to have cams reground, pistons made, cylinders bored and plated, the head ported, and custom valves made for my 2013 Triumph Bonneville. Also, following in the foot steps of greatness I also found you could retrofit Daytona 44mm TB's to my little Triumph Bonneville and make 100+ hp. I'm foolishly optimistic I will have this running by May. You can read more about my adventures here.


Several members have also purchased new bikes and of course plenty of shit talking in the group chat. With multiple Ducati 1299s now in the group I think a lot of us (me) have a fair bit of compensating we feel obliged to do now. I think we are all also a bit nervous of Tia's CB400. Apparently she has a little surprise up her sleeve for Floyd Bennett.

All in all, we are ready to get rolling. We have lots of things in store for you guys. If you want to get involved please reach out via the website or Instagram. See you on the road!