To celebrate Halloween this year we will be organizing a poker run with several other groups around town. Everyone is required to submit a group of five and also dress in a cohesive costume theme. If you need an extra member or want to join another group, please let us know and we will accommodate. 

Each teams will be given five haunted locations to visit where they will have to complete a challenge and also video tape it. Upon completion of this challenge they will be given a playing card and will keep going till they have visited all five locations. We will all reconvene at a TBD location for food, drinks, and of course PRIZES! Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the best 5-card poker hand.

There will also be opportunities along the way to earn bonus cards. These opportunities will include but are not limited to, best costumes, most creative theme, spirit awards, and of course most decked out Halloween motorcycles.

The event is scheduled for October 29th with an alternate rain date of the 30th. Weather this time of year is finicky. If you have any questions please contact